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Ford Construction and Remodeling is a family owned and operated business settled in Arkadelphia, AR. We love our town, the neighbors and friends who live here and we are passionate about taking care of their homes.


Keith Ford
General Contractor/Owner

Keith was introduced to home remodeling projects at a young age by his father and now has 29 years of experience. He attended Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR on a baseball scholarship and graduated with a degree in business. While in college, he worked as a handyman, doing projects such as flooring installation, landscaping, drywall, painting, etc.  He started a one man floor installation business which eventually transformed into Ford Construction.  In the past few years Keith has started managing investment property remodels and enjoys taking a neglected property and turning it into a beautiful home which can easily generate income.


Sarah Ford

Sarah attended the University of Florida where she earned a bachelors in science. She was also introduced to the world of remodeling by her father.  Sarah has been instrumental in the development of Ford Construction and has been known to help with painting, design and furnishings.  She is a wife and mother of six children and loves the business of home remodels. She now handles many behind-the-scenes aspects of Ford Construction.

Nathan Loy
Project Manager/Master Carpenter

Nathan manages estimates, materials, on the job labor and most of the day to day operations of Ford Construction.  The majority of our customers will interact and collaborate mostly with Nathan.  He is friendly and easy to communicate with.  As a master carpenter Nathan has hands on experience in multiple areas of construction.  With more than 20 years experience Nathan is a valuable asset to our home remodeling team.

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